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To learn the non provincial and others languages In islam

To learn the non provincial and others languages Islam
In Islam, the languages are not unrelated and non provincial. All of languages have been created by Almighty Allah. As the Holy Quran States:
And of His signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of your languages and colors.

The different types of languages are spoken in the different provinces and countries. Like Arabic, Persian, Turkey, Hindi, Gujarati etc. It is not only but the style and the method of speaking languages are also different. These all are the signs of Allah Almighty's strength.
(Maariful Quran written by Mufti Shafi Sa. (R.A.)
Part: 6 Page: 46, Chapter: 21)
(Maariful Quran written by Maulana Idris Kandhalvi Sa. (R.A.) Part: 6 Page : 144)

Mufakkir-e-Islam Hazrat Maulana Abul Hasan Nadvi (R.A.) has stated in his own speech that no languages are considered non-provincial and unrelated Islam. All languages are created by Allah. The prejudice against the language is ignorance. No language is able to worship and disgusted. Indeed! If any language is the greatest and has high rank, it is only Arabic. All other languages are generally equal.

The holy prophet (S.A.W.) ordered hazarat Ziad bin Sabit (R.A.) to learn the Hebrew language which was only Jews' language. If we don't care about the languages and its literature, The non-islamic countries will engage his monopoly and than we will have to suffer great loss.
(Khutbat-e- Ali miyan Part: 6 Page: 109)
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