Thursday, June 09, 2016

ઇસ્લામ વિશે પ્રારંભિક જાણકારી

ઇસ્લામ વિશે પ્રારંભિક જાણકારી અને અમુક વિષયો બાબતે ઇસ્લામી દષ્ટિકોણ

I recommend you this application

Understanding Islam and the way that Muslims think and see the world

This Application is designed to take people on the first step to understand Islam and the way that Muslims think and see the world. It grows out an extensive experience of teaching the course is based on. The arrangement of material builds a framework to understand Islam on its own terms rather than through an externally applied structure. Islam it self is linked to the essential guidance of God to all mankind from the beginning of creation. This is then traced through a series of steps such as a world-view, prophecy, revelation, history, belief and practice. The structure of a whole life based on Islam is explored together with Islam's approach to other faiths and Muslims in contemporary Britain and Europe.